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My name is Reneka, and I’m a family portrait photographer based out of Fountain, Colorado.

I’m a multi-published photographer and a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA).  I’ve volunteered for Fort Carson Deployed Love, where families with military members deployed over the holiday season receive free photo sessions from professional photographers in our community. Lastly, I’ve assisted models to build and strengthen their portfolios, which has led to my work being published in multiple magazines. 

My love for photography started as a young child when spending time with my paternal grandmother, looking through her huge collections of family photos. I was intrigued by her shifting emotional expressions as she recounted stories of our family’s past.  She shared pictures of her childhood with my sister and me and told hilarious tales about my dad, uncles and aunties.  Unfortunately, my sister and I hardly have any pictures of our mother or our maternal ancestors, just the memories etched in our brains. That motivated me to spend any extra money I had on a disposable camera and to capture as many photos as I could, so I could share my childhood stories with my future children. 

Many years later, I launched my photography career as a sports photographer for the Washington Prodigy Women’s Tackle Football team, based out of Washington, D.C. I’ve taken many classes and workshops, developing my skills in posing my clients and learning advanced techniques in natural and studio lighting. I’ve also been mentored by truly amazing photographers. My initial intention as a photographer was to be a master of all forms of portraits including sports, products, headshots, events, fitness, and travel, but I’ve since solidified my niche. Although I first leaned towards sports photography as a lifelong athlete myself, what I love more than sports is my family. My passion is capturing moments and photographing memories that families can pass down from generation to generation. I feel overjoyed when capturing pictures of my children and grandchildren at their birthdays, extracurricular activities, award ceremonies, or any event I’m blessed to attend; I’m diligently memorializing my own family’s experiences.  I would be honored to capture your family’s unique stories and preserve them for years to come.